Wedding day

Hello my dear readers ! 

I can still remember it like yesterday. It was July 15, 2017, the day of our wedding. This day is the single most important day in my life. 

This day I wake up early, took a breakfast and run to the shop. I bought some flowers because I wanted to make my bouquet by myself but my lovely mum and my aunt did it for me. 

One hour later, I went to my bedroom with Maria, Alina and Anna. They helped me to get dressed. For be honnest, I was really stressed. During this moment, the time flyed so fast... 

At 12am, we said YES to each other. During this moment, we shared a strong feeling of hapinness and love.

I love you so much ♡

Mon amour, mon pilier, mon meilleur ami, mon mari, je t'aime !